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The Plan....

Hey everyone. I know I've been inactive for a ridiculously long time. I just wanted to drop by and let you all know that I do plan to pick up some fan fiction again this summer. Life's been busy and stressful and poor lol. I moved out on my own with my girlfriend, and although we love our new place, we've had to start from scratch since we both came from an environment which involved sleeping on sofas and having only a box full of belongings... needless to say all our monies went to furnishing our new home and all the essentials, and we've only been able to afford the Internet just recently haha.

BUT ANYWAYS. Now we're pretty settled in, and I've begun to set aside time for writing again. Since it's been a while since I've worked on any fan fictions, or done anything fandom related, for the past week (and probably the next week or two) I will spend catching up on crap and rereading whatever unfinished projects I've had and planning planning planning.

If you have any request or suggestions as to which fan fic you'd like me to pick up first, let me know. Right now I'm heavily leaning towards "Escape." So yeah.

Expect a "warm up" oneshot first. Since I usually write one of those after a long hiatus, just to like... get back into the swing of things... and stuff..... I started one this afternoon called "Meat is Murder." Centered around Bubbles. But meh. I'm not sure I like it so.....



Haven't been on my LJ in forever. :(

I miss you guys! I just don't have time to actively sit down on a computer.

Life's insane.

Turned 25.

Kim now works at Disneyland.

Kim and I are moving March 30 to a new awesome place in West Covina. Super cute two story town home with a fireplace and fancy shit.

Oh yeah. I'm a vegetarian now.

Internet has pretty much been limited to Facebook and some times Instagram and twitter. Sooo you should friend me on Facebook and stuff cuz I'm really good at checking that daily with my phone. XD

Twitter is antihero_truheo but I rarely say much. Mostly stalk others.
Antihero_truheo is also my Instagram.

How is everyone?

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Not dead but 25 now :/

I haven't been on LJ in FOREVER.

I hope to have some rare writing time this week since I took Wednesday through Sunday off this week for my birthday.

Yesterday I pretty much spent the day relaxing and getting really really high with like the most awesome gift ever from my gf. A Gpen.


Lol. I was sad it wasn't jewelry and then realized it was wax and was very much happier than I would be if it had been jewelry.

Today is Disneyland. :)

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Villain - Chapters 5 & 6

I forgot to share these here. I guess here they are. As soon as I finish chapters 7 & 8, I'm going back, rewriting Chapter 1 and editing everything I've written so far.


Wedding Dreams

This is the third time I've had a dream about getting married to Kim. For some reason, Captain Spaulding is the priest in the ceremony. xD;

I find this hilarious.

Villain - Chapter 4


I feel like the pacing might be too slow, but people are telling me it's because I'm not used to writing original fiction and having to develop the characters first.  I DON'T KNOW.  I JUST WANNA GET TO THE EXCITING SHIT ALREADY. D:


My girlfriend's band playing at the Wire this past Thursday.

LOL, my gf confused the hell out of people before the song started. I literally could hear people behind me: "....I thought she was gay." xD;

Posted Chapter 3 to my story. Thanks to everyone who gave me some feedback on the first 2 chapters. Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment, here or on the blog, e-mail me, text me... whatever! I definitely take everything into consideration, and every little thing helps. :)


Also.  Key and Peele is like my new favorite show.  LOL.


Villain - the original

So.  I decided to post my original version of "Villain" online.  At first I was gonna post it on here, but then friends and family started saying that they were interested in reading it, too, and... I don't really want my mom-in-law reading all the other crazy shit I post on here, ya know??? xD;

So I created another blog simply for Villain.


If you care to read, let me just say it's pretty much nothing like the Villain I wrote for PPG fandom. xD;  It's a lot less "Yeah let's go crazy and kill people." It's a lot more "innocent."  Well... at least in the beginning.   I would compare it more to the Epilogue than Villain.  But I'm still calling it Villain. xD;  Mostly because I suck at titles. D:

More romance.  Less angst.  More drama.   More suspense.

Anyways, I hope you read it.  If you do, be sure to leave me some feedback, as it helps me a lot with the writing process. :)

I got the first 2 chapters up.  :D

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